Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid
Summary: Personal branding is a tough nut to crack. However there are some mistakes that should be avoided as mentioned here.
I get asked a lot by new graduating students and professionals looking forward to change their jobs about the personal branding. I know it interests a lot many people to understand the real working of the personal branding mechanism. And in my opinion you all should put enough emphasis to market yourself. Only your executive resume is not going to help you here but there are many other skills you need to acquire.
Marketing world works in a different manner and there are some rules you need to learn to brand yourself in right manner. Pick any of your favorite brands BMW, Apple or IBM all these companies are not only known for their distinctive logos but for their different concepts and work ethics. There are some fundamentals of markets which are there for ages. If you want successfully brand yourself you need to learn them. Well you will find hundreds of blogs discussing what skills you need to acquire and how to get global recognition. Here however we will take on to more negative side and will list some common mistakes that you should avoid.
Who are you?
Don’t be fast steady in answering this. This might seem to be a simple question but most people brand themselves like the 100s others yet feeling that they are distinctive. Don’t try to commit the mistake like hundreds others. Try to find out who really you are and what interests you. Can you represent your exact motto and interest in one line? If you can then I might be interesting in knowing what as a brand you worth but not if you can’t.
Are you present online?
Just signing up for a LinkedIn or Twitter account means nothing as far as your personal brand is concerned. People often mistake to leave their blogs, websites, and social profiles stray and outdated. It’s time you synchronize all your social profiles to reflect your personality. Remember you can’t have an appealing personal brand without social presence these days.
Next step is to target your approach towards the audience. All the social profile updating is not for impressing the masses. You want to attract certain target audiences. Make connections in such a way that you reach the potential audience in a killer manner.
Personal relationships never take a back seat even when online social presence is important. Word of mouth still works wonders and you can promote your personal brand in most trust worthy manner. Personal connections get you best offers from employers.
Wow factors
I know you are talented and skilled, but so are the other 100s of the candidates. It’s your wow factor that separates you. People usually make a mistake of compromising on some distinctive skills thinking them of as unimportant. Mind you employers always are attracted in a quality which is not mentioned in hundreds of other profiles.
Making a personal brand sell like fire is not an easy task. It requires planning and understanding of marketing fundamentals. These common mistakes should always be avoided for best results.
Resource box: You are prone to make some common mistakes when you market yourself. Whether it’s your executive resume or your social profiles try to make them resonate with your personal brand.