Surge pricing is what happens when the demand for drivers is way higher than supply during a particular period of time. During this time, ride fares can jump up to four times the normal price or even worse. Many passengers still question the necessity of such a ‘ridiculous’ feature, yet Uber insists that the feature is what ensures that drivers are motivated to get on the road and drive when there’s an overflow of demand. This feature has its side effects on the Uber space. For example, passengers get caught between two choices; either to complete the trip at a ridiculously high price, or to wait out the surge.

How Does Kommen Handle Surge Pricing?

Remember, Kommen optimizes uber booking by letting you pre-book a ride ahead of time. Now when you think of an app like Kommen, you begin to wonder what happens when you are not there to decide. Many people decide what to do during a surge by reviewing the following options:

  • Urgency of their trip,
  • How high is the price fare,
  • What waiting would cost them.

This is a great way to weigh your options but what happens when you have scheduled uber ? Does your ride and pick up time coincide with a surge? Since the Kommen app is at its early stages, the main aim is to do what the customers need without upsetting them. Prices during surge can go as high as 8 times the normal price (or even more) and that can be a very difficult situation to put people in. For now, Kommen is built to wait out a surge. When there is a surge, the app doesn’t call the ride until normalcy is restored. This seems like the best option yet. You can say it’s a brilliant way to go compared to calling the ride despite the price hike.

Is Kommen a safe option?

It would be safe to say that a significant number of people across the world would prefer to wait out a surge and that would be my advice. It isn’t as inconvenient as it sounds since Surge Pricing doesn’t last long before it clears. Kommen is built to make life easier and to ensure that you do not spend more than budgeted as at the time of scheduling. Kommen is dedicated to ensuring that users are kept happy and given what they require at all times. This post addresses questions raised by some of our visitors about protecting themselves against surges. Kommen ensures that you only get charged what was envisaged as at the time of booking. This is a good way to operate for starters, and for an app as new as Kommen, there’s still room for growth and development.


Please tell us what you think about Kommen’s way of handling surges in our comment section. Your views are appreciated.


About the team

Founded in 2016 by Malik Akande, a former Accenture employee, the Kommen team is dedicated to getting you a pre booked uber vehicle for later. So pre book uber for later today!

Written by Ola John & Edited by Nkiru Enemchukwu.